Midweek Show

Presented by Steve Mallion

Steve Mallion
Steve Mallion

All 80s first hour, pop quiz second hour and work place lunch 3rd hour. In a hospital far, far away, many years ago a very young man was born….. did you know, for a split second I was the youngest person on the planet !!
From my early days of exploring music with a battery-operated record player, mainly changing the speed from 45rpm to 78rpm so everything sounded like Pinky and Perky were singing, and listening to an old AM radio fading in and out with the weather I wanted to get behind the mic and use it as a way to make people smile……


In the 80s, after finishing school and starting work in a hospital, I got the chance to present a programme on Ashford Hospital Broadcasting Service. This built up some experience and confidence and led to a job at Invicta Radio. I became a “voice” on an open line, an advice programme, and soon became the character “Spartacus” on Caesars Empire of fun on weekday nights and hosted the weekend Rock Show for a while on the sister station Coast AM. This kept me busy throughout the 80s and early 90s before I concentrated on a “sensible” career until now……. I have finally realised I will never be a normal grown-up, so I have returned to trying to make people smile from behind the mic on CPR.



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