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Ralph Winser
Ralph Winser

I’ve lived in the Cinque Port region all my life. My passion for music started at an early age when my parents gave me a toy Piano for my 5th birthday, (I’m still unable to play the piano BTW). Growing up in the late ’60s and early 70’s listening to a wide range of musical tastes from my families record collections, my 2 brothers’ love of Classical music and Deep Purple and Pink Floyd, my Dads love of Shirley Bassey, Bert Kampfert, James Last and my Mums passion for the ’40s and 50’s dance band era.

Plus having the chance to listen (secretly) at night to the great Radio Caroline and Laser 558 plus the birth and growth of Radio 1 was a great starting ground for my musical education.

So DJ’ing at home was first. Then locally, then a mobile disco,  then a bit of Pirate radio. Hastings Rock Radio asked me to join in 1993 which led me to a chance to serve aboard the Ross Revenge and Radio Caroline for a stint at sea off of Clacton on the sea. Back to Radio Caroline at the TVS Maidstone Studios for a while, ARFM was next and now Cinque Ports Radio and Easy Rock Paradise (part of the EKR network) and Hastings Rock Radio every May.

You can find me trawling through the Hits and Memories of the 1950s, ’60s, and ’70s from 6 until 9 pm every weekday evening here on 100.2 Cinque Ports Radio.  You can email me via the contact us page and find me if you wish on the Facebook group West Wing Studios is the home of the Rock Zone.

Cheers Ralph.

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